Dieta Guidelines

Dieta Guidelines

All meditation ceremonies are best done on an empty stomach. So, especially for the night meditations, please don’t eat on the day of the events from 2 pm on.
Absolutely NONE of the following for at least 7 full days prior to the retreat / ceremonies
and for 7 days afterwards:
1. Drugs (legal or illegal). If you are on any prescribed medication, for your own
safety please do let us know a.s.a.p. so that we may be made aware of any
meds you are taking and advise accordingly. Certain medications are NOT
compatible with plant medicines at all.
2. Alcohol
3. Meat (Fish and Eggs are okay)
4. All processed foods
5. All sexual activities (even masturbation)
Avoid or restrict the following for at least 7 full days prior to the ceremony and for 3 days
1. Salt – a little is okay, but please rather use small amounts of healthy alternatives
like Braggs Amino Acids / tiny amounts of Himalayan Salt
2. Sugar – a little honey is okay
3. Fats – a little Olive Oil and/Coconut Oil is okay. Some nuts are allowed but please
restrict the amounts.
4. All dairy products – specifically cut out Milk, and even Soya. Rather use Rice
Milk for this period.
5. Overly ripe fruits (like banana and avocado), cut back on citrus fruits and no
raspberries please.
6. Carbonated Drinks – stick with pure still water
7. Iced or very cold foods (sorbet etc.) and fermented foods (like Vinegar and
8. Coffee and caffeinated drinks, even decaf coffee is to be avoided (but a little green
tea is okay).
9. Highly spiced foods – please avoid Chillies, Mustard, Garlic and Ginger (green
herbs, turmeric and onions are fine)
10. Watching Television and Reading Newspapers – rather spend more time
meditating, doing yoga, reading spiritual material or taking walks in nature and
calming your mind chatter prior to the retreat.
* Please keep food fairly plain and low fat. Remember that most of our Western diet
does not exist in the jungle! When drinking plant medicine they usually only eat plantains and plain rice in the jungle with no seasoning and no oil. However after working with the plants for years now, we have found that the lists above encompass the most important guidelines to maintain.
* Smoking is allowed, however if possible please try to use cigarettes and tobacco that is
chemical free (perhaps even try rolling your own cigarettes for that period).

* The aim is to get your body as clean as possible before working with the subtle
vibration of the plants. Please avoid commercial toothpaste while you are on
the diet. Rather use a Fluoride and SLS free version available at most health shops. Also
please do not use very strong fragrances/nail polish/lotions on you body before, during
and after the ceremony. Everything you put on your skin/gums/nails is absorbed into your blood stream within a few hours.
* For the women, if your monthly flow is due to come on at that time, please do let us
know even if you just tell us on that night. The menstrual flow can affect the energy in the ceremony and so needs to be made clear to us before we start so that we may balance the energy correctly.

Important Health Information
No prescription drugs (please contact us with more information if you are currently taking any medication, especially antidepressants (!) or antibiotics)
This healing work is not compatible with pregnancy.

* * *
By eliminating these things from your diet and lifestyle, you will prepare your body
physically mentally and spiritually for the experience, and perhaps will reduce the amount of “purging” needed to clean your physical body.

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