Ceremonies and Retreats Created Specifically For You

We work with you and not with a whole group. You can be on an open or closed retreat from 3 days to a whole year. Shamanic apprenticeships are available too.



Retreats in Europe also available (please contact us for more details)

This website is to promote the work of a very special Shipibo family in Peruvian Amazon near Pucallpa.

Leonardo 85 and Lucia 30 are from a very special, authentic tradition of masters who work with the plants of the jungle, especially Ayahuasca. Their knowledge is very profound and are able to heal people in very special ways.

Ayahuasca, also known as yagé, is a native vine of the Amazon basin which is used to produce a powerful psychoactive substance. The resulting ayahuasca brew has been used as traditional spiritual medicine by the indigenous tribes of the region for thousands of years.

The family live in a village about 1 hour from Pucallpa with a mixture of traditional and modern lifestyles. Over the past years, they have started to open up their space to welcome Westerners in partaking in the ceremonies and in their lives.

More recently, they have been supporting local children in need of help and education. Unica.ong  a charity is helping this project develop and looks to improve the life of the children and their families.
When people go for a retreat it is a very deep and personalized process. They provide a holistic package of treatment which is revealed through the plant medicine. This provides very specific treatment for the person.  The process is complemented with steam baths, teas, diets and other methods.

Guests stay regularly with the family where they have their own bed and shared facilities. The climate is very warm so most activities happen outdoors and in the shade. It’s a wonderful and unique experience to be in the jungle. (see photos)

The family speak Shipibo and Spanish. When there are other guests, these tend to speak English and help to translate.

Consuming ayahuasca can be a life-altering and extremely powerful experience. Users have reported having profound spiritual revelations and insights into the nature of life, the universe, and the self. This newfound feeling of enlightenment often goes hand-in-hand with a great sense of oneness with the universe or a higher power.

An ideal retreat is approximately 12 days although this can vary. It is very important to follow the spiritual diet before and after. (more details can be given once you get in touch).  The centre has certain energetic rules that must be followed by guests.  Everyone that stays with us must not use alcohol, drugs or have sex on site. This process must start 7 days before arrival as the nature of some of the deep diets actually makes it dangerous for our guests and shamans to be around this energy. Please observe this closely and give it real importance in your planning to come and see us.

The cost of the retreat is very affordable compared to many other places on offer. The money here goes directly to the family to support their work and that of the children in the village. (see prices here)

On the contrary to other retreat centres, we don’t run set dates. You can come to us at your convenience and stay for as long as you have available. We will prepare a retreat specifically for you, to meet with your healing process and or the time you have available.

We also accept those willing to spend more time with the plants who wish to deepen further as an apprentice.

For more information contact ricardoassisrosa@gmail.com we will happily provide you with more details to support your journey. The first step will be to talk over the phone (Whatsapp) to provide both of us with more information and help you understand what we have on offer.

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